My first experience doing a photo shoot using a Digital SLR camera came when Tawny approached me to see if I would be willing to do a photo shoot of her. Up till then I had been doing all of my shooting with a Canon PowerShot 110 XS (a powerful little camera I still use). I had only done a few photo shoots before she approached me so I felt a little apprehensive about doing a shoot for her. It turned out to be one of the best experiences I could have had.

My first challenge was I wanted to shoot with a “real camera.” As stated earlier I only had my little point and shoot camera and I really wanted to do justice for this shoot. I knew one of my friends had a Nikon D40, and she had said I could use it if I wanted. I seized my chance and borrowed the camera for this expedition which ended up taking about 4 hours in total. Tawny and I drove to the small town of St. Anthony Idaho. I knew of a place I had gone swimming there in the summer and I thought with the fall colors it would be a great place for a shoot. It was amazing. The small town offered ideal locations for beautiful scenery, creative positioning, and an urban backdrop.

Tawny was awesome and it quickly became obvious she had done a shoot before. I was having the time of my life! In my hands was the most enjoyable toy I had ever played with. With each click of the shutter my elation grew. It seemed to infuse itself into the whole shoot. Tawny was as excited about the next shooting location as I was about shooting it. I can look back now and say I got a little carried away with how many shots I took, but at the time it is what I needed.

We ended up taking over 400 shots and I later learned through blurry eyes how much time it takes to filter through that many images. We had Tawny change outfits halfway through the shoot and it offered a change of pace and color. In addition to filtering through all of the images I was introduced to Lightroom 3 by my friend James Rognon who is an amazing photographer, and his photography is a must see! As a matter of fact it was this same James who sold me my Canon Rebel I now shoot with.

In all the entire shoot was a success and it launched me into doing more and more photography shoots. I cannot thank Tawny enough for seeing something in me I couldn’t see. She not only gave me the experience I needed, but the boost to take the next step and make the investment of purchasing a new camera. I don’t regret it one bit!










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