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Roommates are an interesting thing. They can inspire, motivate, and encourage you. They can belittle, frustrate, and enrage you. They can also help you become more spontaneous, creative, and down right fun! I have been blessed to have many good roommates who have been a blessing in my life. Of all the things I have learned from my roommates one of the most important to me is to just have fun. I cannot explain how this was taught to me, but I know I wouldn’t be anywhere near as spontaneous and fun-loving if I hadn’t been blessed with my roommates.


I should post more sections on this explain the roommates who have been especially influential in my life, we will have to see what comes out. Seeing this is a photographic blog I don’t know how much will come out. This post came from something random my roommate Kendall and I decided to do, and I happened to have pictures of it.

Kendall and I became roommates a year ago April 2011. I had only two more semesters left until I graduated where Kendall had only begun his College experience but he wasn’t a freshman. He had done a little bit of school before he served a two-year mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in the Philippines. He had only returned home a few weeks before I met him. He was new in our apartment, where I was already familiar with three of the other guys there. Honestly for the first few days we didn’t do much together, in fact I don’t know if we talked to each other. We were both in our own little worlds.

I have to thank a little tradition in our apartment for our friendship starting. We had a projector which we would play the Nintendo 64 version of Smash Brothers on. On one of these occasions we were playing and Kendall came out and joined in. We all opened up on each other when we played that game and it was because of that Kendall and I got to know each other. We ended up hanging out frequently throughout the remainder of that semester, and we had so many great conversations which improved our friendship.

One of my favorite memories of Kendall came when we went hiking up in the mountains near The Grand Tetons. There was a little trail which led up to a waterfall coming out of a cave in the side of a mountain. Inside of that cave we quickly discovered the holes we were crawling through were much to small for Kendall. I myself was very uncomfortable crawling through these holes. We all came to a section Kendall and I dubbed “The Crotch Cruncher.” We were the only ones 6 feet tall and everyone else said the rock hit their gut. I will have to do another post on that later.

Kendall and I ended up living together until I graduated in December. Our eight months as roommates are among my fonder memories of school. We were going to school at BYU-Idaho where we were required to be clean-shaven. When Thanksgiving week came Kendall and I decided we not going to shave the whole week. It sounded like the best idea in the world, and it was… until we had to shave. That process was less than enjoyable. Regardless, this was one of those moments when we were pushed by each other to do something spontaneous.

When we returned to school after driving in some wild winter weather in Idaho we both were proud of each other and expressed admiration for the ugly beards we had each grown over the week. Being the photographer I am I snapped some shots of it. I set up the camera to shoot three different shots in quick succession. The following is the result of those three shots. Needless to say Kendall and I had a blast as roommates.



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Chelsee Walker - May 5, 2011 - 3:30 pm

Oh yucky, yucky beards! I like my man clean shaven!!! Haha! But, I’m glad you guys had this bonding moment!

georgejsg - May 5, 2011 - 3:45 pm

Chelsee once you are married to Kendall I am sure you will have much influence over this. Just be grateful we didn’t participate in “mustache March.”

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