Mathew & Victoria Owens Wedding part: 2 The Guests

Part 2 of the Owens wedding focused on the guests. I purposely did this because I was one of the guests and since I wouldn’t be in any of the pictures I wanted to show you the world I was in. Because as we all know the couple resides in their own little world. The conditions of that world might not be what we all expect.

I have seen couples who were more excited than a group of kids in a bouncy house, others who were so scared their flowers were shaking like a southern California earthquake, and even more perplexing were couples who were devoid of any emotion at all, almost numb. They didn’t touch without encouragement, didn’t smile unless told to, and walked as stiff as a board. The slightest touch from their partner would send a jolt of electricity through their body causing them to jump and flail about. But that is the world of the couple. What about the world of the guests? My world.

It was hot. It was humid. I was sweating. The sun was burning, and my fair Wyoming skin was cooking. Voices were loud, grooms men were playing frisbee, and bridesmaids were bustling about the bride like a gaggle of hens. Honestly I don’t know where a bride would be without her bridesmaids and other helpers. I personally think every bride needs to extend a personal handwritten thank you to each and every girl who helps her get ready for her big day. These bridesmaids were grabbing flowers, vases of water, cell phones, jewelry, hemming dresses, tying up trusses, waving fans, herding crowds of people, organizing traffic, fixing hair and makeup, plastering smiles on their faces, and trying to feel beautiful as sweat runs down their backs as they slide around in their silk dresses. Lets just say I didn’t envy them at all. I was happy to have my camera strapped to my wrist, and my skin cooking into bacon.

Regardless of the less than forgiving weather of Alabama it was awesome to see how a wedding works and to capture the events as they are happening. I am a fan of candid photography and a wedding provided some of the best opportunities for this. Whenever I look at wedding photographs I love to see the happy smiling faces of the couple, but sometimes they can feel cardboard. (Cardboard encompasses stale, frozen, lifeless, dull, stiff, and colorless.) I started into photography because I wanted to capture the life of the moment. I wanted to hear the boisterous laughter from the rowdy groomsman, feel the slow cook of the weather, and share the angst of the child. I feel a little of that was done here. Please enjoy the world we all share multiple times, the world of the guest to the event.


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Meredith - July 15, 2011 - 11:45 am

LOVE IT! Haha, I too love the candid shots that show the “behind the scenes” action! Thanks for sharing Jared!

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