Beckstead Wedding Pt 4

To wrap it up the Beckstead wedding was awesome. This section explains a little bit of the awesome friendship Kendall and I formed. We became best friends while roommates and it was an awesome experience to be there.

The garter toss happened to have the garter wrapped around a frisbee. Seeing as there were three of us going for the frisbee, and me being the tallest and the one who could jump the highest it was almost a given that I should get the frisbee, and I had a handicap. Kendall threw it right to me. I guess after eight months of playing frisbee almost twice a week in rain, snow, mud, lakes, sand dunes, concrete, living rooms, and the middle of the street gave us a connection and practice at passing the frisbee to one another. Chelsee was not to be outdone and made sure instead of the bouquet of flowers she would throw a football to which the victorious receiver and I posed for a picture.

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Chelsee - October 31, 2011 - 7:03 pm

Jared, you are amazing!!! LOVE these!!!!

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