Don and Mindi Norris Family

I have a lot of friends down here in Alabama and I feel extremely blessed for it. A while ago Don and Mindi approached me and asked if I would be willing to take photographs of their family. Of course I was very willing and we had a blast.

Something I have seen as I have photographed families is the kids tend to be the show stealers. They love the camera or hate it and thus they dictate a lot of how the shoot is going to go. For the Norris family their daughter loved the camera… when she remembered it was there. She was a blast to work with and as you look at the photographs you will see what I am talking about. Maybe someday in the future I will do a post on just her different facial expressions.

We had a great time walking all over the grounds we were shooting on and it provided many different locations to shoot at. Our objective was to get a very large variety of photographs in different locations. We wanted to focus on the family as a whole, but also the candid real life shots we all love. I believe a candid shot reveals so much more about a person than a posed shot ever could. When you see a candid picture you see someone as they are, not someone trying to be something else.

The shoot was a success and we were done in about an hour. That was more than enough for the kids who were ready to be done. Enjoy!

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