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Wild Wyoming January 2012

As you know I am originally from Cody Wyoming and have grown up outdoors and with animals. Being on a farm I previously worked every day with cows, chickens, pigs, dogs, cats … and more cows. Something you may not realize I live less than 60 miles from Yellowstone National Park. To get there from my house we would drive up a windy canyon road called North Fork. It had mountains on either side of the road and a rolling river full of freshly melted snow. It was on drives like this that we would encounter other animals. We would see buffalo, elk, deer, coyote, and Big Horn Sheep.

For me this was a common occurrence but for my Wife and in-laws it was something out of their world. They are all from Birmingham Alabama which is where we currently live. How I ended up in Birmingham Alabama is another story. In this story we had all flown in to Cody that week and my Dad wanted to show them around our part of the world. This was perfect for them seeing as they love to experience anything new. We drove them around the farm, answered questions, gave lessons on how to bring in a harvest, explained how our farm worked, and generally enjoyed giving a tour. We then all loaded up into my Dads truck and drove up North Fork so they could see the Big Horn Sheep. Seeing as it was January the animals come down from the high elevations to escape the snow and find food at a lower elevation. Cody sits at about 5000 feet above sea level. We were not disappointed because right where we normally find our Big Horn Sheep every year was a flock of 40. The animals sit right on the side of the road and generally don’t mind the cars passing. When they are on the road they own it. You just wait for them to cross then go around.

Our trip was successful and we were able to take a few pictures of that adventure. Another wonderful thing about Wyoming is it has some of the most beautiful sunsets. Enjoy!


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Amy Ferguson - October 6, 2013 - 11:15 pm

I’m having fun looking at all your pictures. The head shot of the sheep is awesome! You could sell that picture! Very cool!

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Don and Mindi Norris Family

I have a lot of friends down here in Alabama and I feel extremely blessed for it. A while ago Don and Mindi approached me and asked if I would be willing to take photographs of their family. Of course I was very willing and we had a blast.

Something I have seen as I have photographed families is the kids tend to be the show stealers. They love the camera or hate it and thus they dictate a lot of how the shoot is going to go. For the Norris family their daughter loved the camera… when she remembered it was there. She was a blast to work with and as you look at the photographs you will see what I am talking about. Maybe someday in the future I will do a post on just her different facial expressions.

We had a great time walking all over the grounds we were shooting on and it provided many different locations to shoot at. Our objective was to get a very large variety of photographs in different locations. We wanted to focus on the family as a whole, but also the candid real life shots we all love. I believe a candid shot reveals so much more about a person than a posed shot ever could. When you see a candid picture you see someone as they are, not someone trying to be something else.

The shoot was a success and we were done in about an hour. That was more than enough for the kids who were ready to be done. Enjoy!

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A Wedding Gathering

A few months ago some friends of mine got married and I was asked to come and photograph a family and friend gathering they were having a couple of weeks later. It was a blast. A family member opened their home to the event and I was called in to photograph the people and the decorations.

I was eager for the opportunity yet I was concerned about the lighting. It was going to be very dim, and very crowded. I had always found it very difficult to capture a good image in the dark regardless of how I manipulated my settings. I was determined to learn how to shoot in the dark better and this was a great chance to do it. I turned up my ISO as high as it would go and opened up my F-stop as large as I could get. I wanted to absorb as much light as quickly as possible knowing camera shake was going to be a big problem.

My friends wanted pictures of the decorations as much as the people. I have decided to post most photographs of the decorations with a few of the couple who was married. Enjoy!

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Bonnie McGee - February 28, 2012 - 3:33 pm

You totally captured the essence of their wedding Jared.

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Marcoux Family

A while ago I Steele Marcoux asked if I would be willing to do a family photo shoot with her family. I was thrilled. I worked with Steele while I was working with Coastal Living Magazine and there were several times when her whole family would leave town, but they needed someone to stay with their dog Sawyer so I stayed with him a few times. It was awesome. I enjoyed the family and I was excited for the shoot.

We went out early one morning for our shoot and it started out cool and was comfortable sweater weather by the time we were done. The Marcoux family is an awesome family and was a blast to work with. It was my first time shooting a family with a pet and it was a blast. Enjoy the pictures!

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Beckstead Wedding Pt 4

To wrap it up the Beckstead wedding was awesome. This section explains a little bit of the awesome friendship Kendall and I formed. We became best friends while roommates and it was an awesome experience to be there.

The garter toss happened to have the garter wrapped around a frisbee. Seeing as there were three of us going for the frisbee, and me being the tallest and the one who could jump the highest it was almost a given that I should get the frisbee, and I had a handicap. Kendall threw it right to me. I guess after eight months of playing frisbee almost twice a week in rain, snow, mud, lakes, sand dunes, concrete, living rooms, and the middle of the street gave us a connection and practice at passing the frisbee to one another. Chelsee was not to be outdone and made sure instead of the bouquet of flowers she would throw a football to which the victorious receiver and I posed for a picture.

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Chelsee - October 31, 2011 - 7:03 pm

Jared, you are amazing!!! LOVE these!!!!

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