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Adam & Megan George Family

This summer I went home to my family reunion back in Cody Wyoming I almost didn’t bring my camera. I wanted to go back home and be with my family without having to worry about taking pictures, but something inside of me told me to bring my camera and it was a good thing I did. My oldest brother Adam and his wife Megan asked me to take some photographs of their family next to a sunflower field. I was very excited about the chance to spend more time with my nephews Grand and little Carson, and my niece Rylee. I hadn’t seen any part of my family in months and these little kids had grown up so much. The sunflower field was the very first I had ever seen grown in our part of the country so I was just as excited as they were to go shoot there. Check it out!




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Kendall & Chelsee Wedding pt.1

Kendall Beckstead was one of my all time favorite roommates while I attended BYU-Idaho. Considering I liked most of them that is saying something. We met April 2010 in Rexburg Idaho as he walked into the apartment and disappeared into his room only a few days before school started. For a few weeks we didn’t really talk, we just lived in the same apartment. Once we started talking it didn’t take us long to become fast friends. We have had so much fun hanging out and doing all sorts of things from hiking to sitting on the couch watching cartoons eating Pizza at 1 in the morning. We lived together for eight months until I graduated and moved to Alabama.

Our all time favorite activity has to be frisbee. (yes this applies to the wedding. You will have to wait until later posts to find out why.) We will play that game rain or shine. I mean that literally. We have played in the burning sun with sweat running down our faces and backs. We have played with the rain pouring into our eyes. We have played in the driving and drifted snow. We have played in the middle of a lake. We have played on top of sand dunes. We have played in the middle of the day and the middle of the night. We have played in the parking lot, and the middle of the street. We even played frisbee in the house. Case and point, Kendall is someone I hope to keep in contact with the rest of my life.

His wife Chelsee was in an apartment of girls Kendall and I became friends with summer of 2010. We began doing things together as apartments every night. It was an absolute blast. It was actually this apartment of girls that began my real journey into photographing groups, events, and people. I had not done a photo shoot of anybody at all when I was approached by these girls to do an apartment photo shoot. I was delighted and scared out of my mind at the same time. These girls gave me the kick-start I needed to get me more involved in photography.

While I began my life as a recent graduate in Alabama Kendall began to date Chelsee. It didn’t take long for them to get engaged. People may say it is fast but I say these are the kind of people who when they know what they want they don’t waste any time working towards it. Soon after they were engaged Chelsee began to sent me messages saying she sure would have liked me to be in the area to photograph her wedding. I thought nothing of it because the wedding was in Colorado and I was in Alabama. Well it didn’t take long for the details to work through. Then before I really knew it I was on a plane headed to Denver to photograph this wedding. It was an absolutely wonderful experience.

Enjoy the photographs!

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Suzi - August 31, 2011 - 8:32 pm

Love them all Jared! Great photos, great wedding and it was great to get to meet you!!!

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