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Sarge Army Folder

Learn how to combine photography of a single object and text copy into one seamless piece. Learn how to use photograph and text copy to communicate a much deeper message thank the words and pictures could do on their own.
I decided to locate the rough stories from my grandpa’s service in the war as well as stories and thoughts from other vetrans. I would then piece these stories and the photographs of the toy solider into pages inside an old manila folder. The age of the folder would communicate the age of the stories. The layout of the pages and the type on them would be the look of pages created with a typewriter. They would have a modern flare in them with the pictures of Sarge. They would show the irony the joy of a toy solider can bring to a child when contrasted to the real experiences of a war veteran.
Development Process:
As part of a semester long project we were given a “pet” to take pictures of each week. The purpose was to provide us with an object which could help us become more creative. I picked a toy army solider out of the pile of objects and quickly named “Sarge.” I took Sarge everywhere with me and he was a source of creative inspiration, and a driving force behind different perspective. I began to see the world from his view. Small things became large, puddles became lakes, grass became a jungle, and a sand box a desert.

The assignment required  we take at least 10 new pictures of our pet each week. Since the purpose was to help us with creativity we were to take pictures that were different than the ones already taken, but our pet had to be in each picture. The challenge allowed us to think of different environments our pet could be in, different perspectives we could take a picture of the pet, and creative scenarios our pet could be in.  We were then to uploaded the pictures to a class photo blog weekly. This was a semester long project and at the end of the semester we were to create a booklet of our own style which would show off the photographs, but also integrate some copy. There was to be a general overall theme to the design of the booklet which would combine the photographs and the text.

As I took pictures of Sarge I began to realize something about him. He was a representation of something bigger than himself. He was a solider, a warrior, and a patriot. I remembered being a kid and playing with toy soliders and pitting them against each other in creative battles. Had I no knowledge of war in the world I wouldn’t have had any fascination with the toy solider, but my grandpa had been a solider in WWII and I knew about war from him. I didn’t understand everything he told me, but I understood one side had to win. As I grew I learned about the horror of war from other vetrans. I learned through my education about the less than glamorous side of war and as I was taking pictures of Sarge all these memories came flooding back into me and I knew what I wanted to do with the booklet.
Programs Used:
Adobe’s Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator
Document Specs:
Front and Back Cover
21 pages
8 inches by 10 inches

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