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Table to chart Design

The above graphic chart was sent in as a schedule for an event. I took the time table and made it into a linear graphic schedule. Friday events are on the top and Saturday events are on the bottom.

The above chart was sent in as a table with the below information:

Northeastern United States – Maple Production, 2015
State Gallons/ Percentage
Vermont 1.39 million 41%
New York 601,000 18%
Maine 553,000 16%
New Hampshire 154,000 4%
Pennsylvania 165,000 5%
Massachusetts 75,000 2%
Connecticut 19,000 1%
The Rest of the United States – Maple Production, 2015
Wisconsin 215,000 6%
Michigan 127,000 4%
Ohio 115,000 3%
*Total U.S. Production: 3,414,000 Gallons
Source: United States Department of Agriculture, Northeastern Regional Field Office



Improve the visual quality of text tables


I wanted to take the tables of information sent in for editorial content and improve them visually.

Programs Used:

Adobe Illustrator, InDesign

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